Your heart should be more important!

I’ve never really written stuffs on relationship issues, but I can’t resist sharing this feeling I’m feeling in my heart right now.

Ever broken up with someone you’re terribly in love with? Yeah, me too. So you find yourself breaking down into a million pieces, in a way you never thought you’d do for anyone? Yes, it just doesn’t feel right. Worst is I’m still confused about how sure I am that I can move on, and now the decision and actions I’ve taken become too horrific it seems. I knew I did the right thing by letting go of someone who had come into my life knowing he has a special person in his life, and would make it clear to me in every chance he gets that the other girl is far better than me, and at the same time he still cannot make a choice between the two of us. I felt he was close to been ‘the perfect’ guy, I mean he’s got it all from the cuteness to ambitious and hardworking, to great cook/domestic assistance, and he is a great kisser too. But could I really stand been someone’s second option? Or something he would use to figure out issues from another relationship? I know I couldn’t. Yes, I love him, but yes, I love myself better! I choose my happiness. Although lying here in my bed and holding my pillow too tight, shedding tears doesn’t seem a lot like happiness, but eventually I will get over him, and I’ll eat lots of food again and that is happiness, and it’s better than denying myself the truth that this guy isn’t mine and might never be, and living in the lie for a much longer time, longer than it would take to get over him. Yes admittedly, I might not forget all about him so easily, probably never will, but it’s okay, it’s no harm smiling to the good memories, and for the bad memories? Let that be a reminder that I had made the right choice by letting go.

Somehow, you too are gonna get over it.

#everdayinspiration, bloggingfundaments.

Because I’m too superior to come second.
Be honest with yourself, you know the real truth here.

Yeah, thanks for the memories, but I’ve got to go.
When it hurts, it ain’t love.

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