Good morning!

Most people find mornings bothering, especially Monday mornings! Yeah I know, we need some break people! And for people who work 5-6 days a week, which is the category I fall into, sometimes we just wish weekends could be extended, for goodness sake I haven’t gotten enough rest for the past week’s stress! I feel that way some days too.

However, we’ve got to pay some bills people! Rent ain’t gonna pay itself, cars ain’t gonna fuel themselves, food wouldn’t fall from the sky like ‘manner’? So we’ve got to get off that bed and do the needful!

So wake up, be grateful for grace, drink some hot coffee or tea, walk out, and do something useful cos it’s Monday morning! I hope you’d be able to achieve something you would be proud of before the day runs out. Good morning. God bless you!

Take this gracious opportunity today!
Get up now and begin the chapter of this new day!

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