Human connection

As much different as we all are from each other, and as much as most of us don’t like being around too many people, although we have a lot knowledge about most of the happenings in the world, because we have enough time alone to watch, observe and analyze, but most times we prefer sharing our views in writing and hoping that a lot of people find our work and listen to our voice of reason. A good example of the above persons is me. But as much as I love keeping to myself a good measure of my time, I can’t resist the fact that what is capable of connecting people doesn’t have to be so big or so important.

So here I am right now on the road, waiting for a ride home. I worked late today, and was on my feet most of time, my feet hurts. Finally I got to leave the office, with this huge dream of getting home soon and throwing myself on the bed. But here I am, standing a longer time just to catch a bus home. I’m exhausted, and this definitely isn’t a time for socializing, but as I stand, watching almost unconsciously, while people who are strangers among themselves chat about what could have caused the scarcity of bus (keke) the thought that suddenly ran through my mind was, “Oh how easily people could connect!” Hey no offence now, but just as I wrote that down now, you know what else came to my mind? “Just as easily as they could disconnect!”

Despite our differences, one of the key factors to our connection is understanding. And no matter how easily we could connect, one of the key factors to disconnection is misunderstanding. I might not have the right concludes to this post, but I wish you could reflect on any of the lines that must have made a little sense to you and comment.

I hope we connect somehow, and I hope we learn how to understand one another so as not to disconnect as quickly. Thanks for engaging yourself here.

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