Ever needed so badly to write something, maybe your project, a story, blog, anything, and you just find your mind blank? Like you know precisely what you need to write about, but at the same time, you know you’re stuck to nothing? Well, me too. That’s the mood I found myself in right now. Following the beginners WordPress courses, there’s a lot I need to be doing on my site now, but I’m not. Aside from the technical customizing works which I’m no good at, I need to write, but between my job and my blog and everything else in between, heaven knows I can’t put two words together to make a sensible post right now.

Now, what I choose to do to walk through my blank mind is to write about my blank mind. It is the best way out for every writer, I’m suggesting. If for some reasons; a situation or anything at all, you find yourself stuck and unable to reason and put words down in writing, just write about that that is bothering your mind and concentration, put that feeling into your writing, be it depression, fatigue, lost, whatever it is, write about it. Yes, maybe that topic isn’t what you’re supposed to be writing about at that moment, but it’s better than not writing at all. That is where your mind lies at that moment, and you might just produce something beautiful from it, who knows?

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