Hello! I am Chinelo Anikpe. I’m gonna turn 22 next month. I have always written things in little pieces; never liked too long articles actually! Usually, I put up my photos on my Facebook account alongside a piece of writing, and I truly was surprised to find a few people are being inspired by my words. Aside from little piece of writings, I have often times thought about writing and publishing real life stories, but I understand one never can tell what’s real or false about the next person’s life, so I decided to write the real story of my own life, hey, just a little patience, I’m on it!

While I’m taking a good time to write the best autobiography I could, I find it introductory of what I can do to write on other books I’ve read, so I started analyzing great novels like Americana by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Malice by Danielle Steel, among others, and posting them on my Facebook account. Oh wait, I even created a Facebook page under my name and post those write ups on them too. A few people had asked me, “You are writer, aren’t you?” I had answered, “I can’t say I am a writer’, but yes, I have passion for writing.”

However, the attention of a few people isn’t enough attention for me. I need the world to see. I can understand situations and sometimes, I can have solutions. Sometimes I just might be riding a public bus to work, or even in a shower, this one might sound strange to you if I say even while asleep, but yes, these inspiration visit even while I’m sleeping sometimes, events of the past; maybe something I had read from a book, or watched in a movie, or saw going or returning from work, or something that might have happened at work itself, would come running through my head and I would find myself unconsciously going down the rail and finding solutions to big problems. A lot of issues amaze me and I’d like to think we could find ways out through the difficulties, and through the bullshits. So here I find myself, hoping my blog could cover everything my life stands for; inspiring, writing book analysis and sharing, hopefully, writing books of my own, and spreading laughter! Trust me, laughter is very important.

Thank you for your time.

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