With a lot of things in my hand right now, I have come to realize the importance of a timetable.
When we speak of planning, we might mean a lot of things like, “Know where you’re heading to, make sure you’re doing what you have passion for or at least interest in, have a clear vision of your plans in your head, go for what you can achieve little by little on your own without having to depend on anyone completely, make use of every moment of your life working towards your goals and pray for grace.’
But timing is what I’ve realized is very very important. Now I know why our schools work with timetables. Without setting one and allowing yourself to work with it, you might never be able to complete one single task when you have thousands of responsibilities, because they all surround you at a time, and you find each one important and urgent, and you’d just pick at one and then you feel like, “no, that other one is more urgent” and then you pick at that one and drop without completing it, just so you could pick on yet another one. You ‘just might’ end up with nothing.
So write your timetable according to your responsibilities order of importance and urgency, and work with it, and find what you can achieve at the end.

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