Letter To My Unborn Child

Dear beloved,

Although I communicate with you everyday, but today I want to speak to you in a very special way. You know mom has started a new chapter in her writing career? Yes darling, I have! And today I would love to introduce you to my world of blog!!

You’re that cute, bright, little child in whom I have found the strength and courage and the need to push forward. I started working this early because I can’t wait for much more longer until I get to feel you right in my arms for life. Nevertheless, I have to work as long as it takes because I want to be able to provide everything you would need. I read everyday, listen to music everyday, watch movies whenever I can, observe the social media everyday, trying to find inspiration, to learn every lesson necessary that would empower my motherhood.

You’ll grow up to learn to love, respect and be kind to people, no matter their religion, race, or class. You’ll grow up to work smart and in truth and fear of the Almighty. You’ll grow up to learn to lead your life. You’ll grow up to become an inspiration to your generation and the next.

You’re that priceless gift from God to me. Even though the people around us can’t see you now, and sometimes even me get too busy with work that I forget to give you all the attention you deserve, I want you to know that I love you dearly nonetheless. Whatever I do darling, I do it for you. You’re that one person I want to grow old knowing you’re there in my life. I love you immeasurably my child.

Your Mother,

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