Being An Adult

I once wrote something about adulthood effects on people’s attitudes on my Facebook timeline; do people grow to adapt whole new behaviors completely different from what or who they used to be as kids? After observing people’s comments on the post I realized something.

Turns out people only change, a development of an attitude from childhood, this could be a positive or negative change or a complete change of an attitude to its contrast. Now the causes for these changes come from our environment, situations, experiences.

People influence one another unknowingly. When you understand that properly, then that is when you begin to consider a lot of things before taking actions, or reacting when someone must have hurt you.
First thing you do is, define yourself; know who you are and who you would always want to be.
Secondly, there’s a difficult decision for you to make; you would have to decide that no matter how furious the storm is, or where it ranges from, that you would be calm enough as not to take an action that would change your personality.
For you to achieve that, you have a third step to make, learn the essential needs for forgiveness. People would offend you almost on daily bases, if you don’t know how to forgive you might end up loosing yourself.

Forgiveness doesn’t necessarily mean to dine and laugh like a fool with someone who had hurt or with someone you know clearly doesn’t want your wellbeing, rather it means having enough strength to let go of revenge; people think when they revenge their enemies it makes them stronger or smarter, but the real hero is that person who has been hurt, and he or she knows the best target to strike for revenge, but instead, they keep their calm and take the tough decision of letting go. Believe me you’re not doing it out of mercy for someone who had hurt you, you’d be doing it for yourself, because you’ve chosen your definition. Trust me, the only thing wrong with revenge against who has hurt you is that, people hurt people almost everyday, and if you keep doing negative things to revenge for your pain, before a year, you would realize you aren’t who you had chosen to be; every little details and actions in our lives influence us gradually.

Therefore, practice good, and you will become good. Being good does one good thing for the mind; it gives you peace. And when you have peace, you’re happy and healthy.

Define yourself

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