The one word with more than a million definitions. If I should ask, “How do you define love?” and five people comment here to answer the question, I bet we’d get five different answers!
And now, I can’t even figure out what to write about love if I have to start with defining the word. So I’ll simply write about love. I could relate love to family, friendship, relationship, religion, hubbies, and on and on…

But the truth is, love should consist of your prospective about all these without an exclusion; your love for your family, your friendship, your relationship, your religion, your hubbies, and your everything and more.

MORE being your respect for other people’s family and religion and relationship and hubbies.
Love is more than just loving. It is respect for others, appreciation for all the lives around you, kindness towards human kind, forgiveness and tolerance of one another, honest living. Love goes way beyond loving and respecting others, it is something you give yourself too, love yourself enough to find yourself, to live and not just to exist, work towards fulfilling your life purposes, love yourself enough to learn that you need to leave something behind when you are gone, that thing is called legacy. Make an impact during your time of living, no matter how insignificant you might think it is. Do it out of love for yourself!

Heal the world

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