Most people don’t believe in the word Destiny. But all I know is that our lives and God’s grace for each one of us differs, you cannot judge mine based on yours, or pursue yours based on mine.
What prompted my writing on destiny today is a post I saw on Facebook just this morning. A famous Nigerian actress, Omotola Jalade, who I love to see as an icon, celebrated her 23 marriage anniversary on Facebook yesterday with the capture: “Happy 23rd marriage Anniversary to us and Happy birthday to you Honeyboy. It’s crazy how it’s been so long yet so New. #Grace”

Actress Omotola Jalade Ekeinde and her husband Captain Matthew Ekeinde on their 23rd anniversary!

Now this lady is forty years old. 40!! That lead me to a place I found myself calculating 40-23=17!!!
She got married at 17?! And her last child out of 4 children is already in the university!

Now a lot of people find child marriage not only illegal but provoking. Marriage is not just difficult in terms of bearing and raising kids, dealing with not only your imitate family but your in-laws too, it is draining in all senses even for women who don’t have to work outside the house. It is this captivating for grown adults how much for a teenager.

Omotola has not only bear and raise responsible children, or only maintain her astonishing beauty even at the age of 40 and being a mother of 4, she has as well lead a legendary career worthy of emulation and envy for anyone who choose to be rather jealous.

Now, do you suppose my life or yours should be judged or compared with hers? A lot of other women had married at early ages; maybe at 20 or 21, but today they would advise younger women not to do the same, they would say, “I wish I had waited a bit longer before marriage.” Some married at same early ages and have their first child in their thirties and it is still a thing of joy and celebration. While some got married in thirties and get to hold their baby in their arms that same year. Some waited until university graduation and found work before getting married, that could be in their late twenties or early thirties, but it still couldn’t work out for them.

Same goes with men. As much as what matters for some women is their career achievement and not marriage, which I think is awesome, men however are more measured by their career achievements than marriages.

Now, some men started out their hustling early and it started paying off just as quick, perhaps as early as their teenage or twenties, and on their way up things just kept getting better, like my Uncle Ernest, Onwa n’ Achalla. While for some people things just collapsed when they needed riches the most ( when they already have families to take care of)

While some started finding themselves at the age of 30, that is when he even started thinking of what to do with his life, he might find his feet and stand on it for as long as God keeps him. While some would start out at that age or even later than that and still fail at a point.

That is the voice of destiny.
When destiny calls, it doesn’t matter how early or how late.
Your life is as beautiful as it gets. You’re special, there is no one like you.

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