Rest Between Workloads

Today I have loosen my hair; but I still need to retouch it and plait a new one, I have made a post on my site; which is a good day accomplishment, I have carried 3 gallons of water up from downstairs to my room on the fourth floor through a staircase, I have warmed and eaten my leftover rice from last night, which is work because if I haven’t I would have had that occupying my mind now.

But I haven’t washed my lump of dirty clothes; which is very important that I do, I haven’t washed the dishes; which makes me feel uncomfortable, I haven’t retouched my hair let alone plaiting it, my room needs some tidying up and it still needs it because I haven’t done that, I need to take my bath; and I haven’t yet, I have a lot of browsing to do online, and I haven’t browsed a thing.

Yet in the middle of all these responsibilities I found myself napping! I caught myself at a point with an order to get up and “fix” something, but same me asked myself, “Don’t I have the right to rest?” For crying out loud Sunday is the only day out of a week that I own myself! And I can’t even allow me some rest?? Nah, I’m going back to locking my eyes and catching some sweet dreams!!

Work is important, but rest is more important for an accurate, perfect result.
You need your senses intact to perform well. Catch some nap.

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