Earlier this morning, I logged onto Facebook and as I was strolling my news feed, I saw this picture of a man teaching Microsoft word on the black board with no single computer around, and I wondered, “Why is this news?” Okay fine, it’s news for people who have had the opportunity to use computer even in their bedroom, but then the comments were, I don’t know, would I say amusing? They were all out like, “Wow, such a hero.. Oh God bless him” and similar stuffs. I was like, “Seriously?” and then I find this one comment that said, “If there is no computer at all could that time be better served learning something of use?” and another person came with the reply, “We learn disaster management not because there is disaster but for the sake of preparedness😎.”

The picture on the post.

I would say yes, I understand the guy’s point about preparation. But the truth most people doesn’t want to even hear is that teaching the use of computer without computers is as useless. I’m not one to shade people; but what that man did or is doing is anything exceptional, during my secondary school days we were taught a lot about the computer system, from how to boot a computer down to everything else, all on a black board with no computers around. Westerners might praise this because they don’t understand, but from experience, I know how it always felt those days, and when I finally finished secondary school, I went to a business center where I did not only understand how the computer system works but practically continued working with it. Believe it or not, despite the decade of learning about computer on the board, I needed to been shown how to boot a computer system, practically. Now you might already think of me as dumb, but reality is, when they started using computer base for jamb writing in Nigeria, it was war for most students, I would have said every student, but there of course are ones who had the opportunity to access the computer in practice, and not on a board. People had to apply in business centers to learn the computer for 3 months, some paid for 6 months, just to write an exam of less than 1hour, even though they all studied computer in school, on the black board.

On another reply under that comment someone said, “All those kids need to pass a national exam where computer information tech is a subject before they can enter high school. That’s why that teacher is going out if his way to educate those kids in what ever way he can.”

But that’s exactly the problem, I don’t think the comment is speaking against the teacher particularly, it is against our system of education! In Nigeria, before you’re called a graduate, you must have spent a minimum of 16 years in school; from primary to university level, that’s minus nursery school and strikes in between your studies, yet hundreds of people graduate every year to find themselves unemployed and without support or funding to start something on their own, now these graduates go on to learn work they can do to survive. Now what if those our means of survival were taught in school in place of computer operation most of them never got to ever work with??

I don’t know how I could change the system, but I could convince people that that form of education isn’t right, I always tell Nigerians, “Discover that talent or passion, and pursue it from time, you must not go through the universities.” Especially when most of them don’t study a course out of desire, they’re just there to be called, “A medical student” or “A law student”

What is education? How best can we be educated? What should be target?

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