How Do You Handle “Not Writing”?

Forgive me, I know I’m supposed to be inspiring, but now instead, I’m seeking for help!

Something I realized long before now is that it is one thing to know what to write, and another thing to practically put it down. You could find a story or a writing topic, but then, it is a whole different challenge when it’s time to put the words together. Writing is more than just writing, it goes with finding your “writing mood” time; when all your senses are concentrated on your pen and paper or your computer screen and keyboard, it goes with finding the right words, matching the sentences, referring to general instances and at the same time trying not to move from the main box; a whole lot of things could be pouring out from you heart at the same time, and you’d just put them all down in writing, only to find it senseless when you reread the work, because it’s kinda different topics jammed together in one.

Not to mention the time when you write on certain sensitive topics and you’re too conscious as not to upset people. Or when you don’t feel confident enough because you’re not sure if the work would get the attention it deserves.

I have also found for long, the joy that comes with writing, when you let the world off your shoulder and simply care only for your writing, especially when you freely do your thing without bothering who gets to read and who doesn’t, or what they’d think. You just find the right words flowing, rhyming, that you’d pick it up days later to feel like, “Wow! I wrote this?” With a smile on your face.

But that’s not what I want to talk about; I rather want to ask, “How do you deal with your writing career when it feels as if everything is falling out of place? When you know the story, the topic, but still can not find an inner concentration? How do you handle your career when the words don’t wanna come together? How do you keep your career running in such times?”

4 thoughts on “How Do You Handle “Not Writing”?

  1. Great question and one that many have asked. I often capture thoughts from writers on this. Here’s one. You can search my blog for more. Hope it helps even a little


    1. Thank you. I’ve gone through the link. You personal suggestion to solve the problem is exactly what I had written on an older post. Makes me feel better!

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      1. Cool 😎 The thoughts came from authors who experience writers block. Yet still we write. Cheers

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      2. Yes, I understand. I actually meant about where you mentioned, “Personally, I suggest you write about what it feels like to not want to write. It will help others. Whatever you do, don’t give up.”

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