Human Empowerment

There’s this man that usually came to our office to work, always smartly dressed and for some other reasons I can’t figure out, I felt he is a responsible, classic man, and so I like and respect him.
Just last week, he came in, and as I was working for him, he got a call about work, I wasn’t particularly interested in his call, but when he was talking about how one of his students were repeatedly calling him on the phone earlier that morning and then at a time his wife said he should pay attention to the girl to find how he could help her. So through his discussion on his phone something got my full attention, he said, “I asked her if it has gotten to an extent she now interferes in my work. Wouldn’t she check their daughter to see if it’s time to bath her?”
The statement was clear: She doesn’t belong when it comes to his business.

Now, this man is supposed to be a teacher in the university, working on convincing youths on what is right and wrong. How would the society get better if a grown “respectable” man who teaches a large number of students, lives with the mentality that wives belong in the kitchen? Meanwhile, about half or so number of his students are ladies; he would not only raise the ego of his male students while initiating this ideology, but further, it would definitely affect the young women with dreams, who had gone there to develop themselves, and they might end up shrinking into a little tiny world of changing diapers alone.

With such logic coming from him, I just decided I had been quick to judge his personality, and that he doesn’t worth so much respect after all.

A lot of men feel exhausted and helpless because their life partners don’t pay attention to the things that concern that life struggles, they wish everyday there’s someone they’d share their day’s experience with, who’d understand and maybe offer some advice, but here was a man who shuts that lovely gesture down.

Women are important; not only in the house, but in the work places and society at large. Respect the women in your life, you don’t even need humility to do that, it is something that should flow naturally.
Women, respect the men in your life just as much.
By saying this, it means everyone is just as important, and whatever judgment in favour or against a person shouldn’t be based on their gender.

This week, I’ll be writing more on gender issues, I hope to make positive impacts as you read.

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