What It Takes (Human Empowerment)

The question of what it takes applies in almost every life struggles; what it takes to stay put in your career, what it takes to maintain that relationship, what it takes to raise your kids and to build a peaceful and respectable family, what it takes to keep living without loosing your senses. What does it take? What is necessary to pull through the challenges in your career and become successful in it, varies from what it takes to handle a relationship with a boyfriend or girlfriend without putting your self-respect into the molds, and those two different solutions still vary from what it takes to keep a family together. All these different life struggles and means of survival is expected to be handled one person, this actually proves that one doesn’t have to have “an attitude” one person has got to have “attitudes” in order to survive, and with or without your knowledge, a number of people look up to you to find what it takes.

First of all, you should learn what it takes to put yourself first. The fact that people might be looking up to you for motivation doesn’t mean you have to live your life trying to please everyone, because that is where you would begin missing your steps. But if you put yourself first, you’d live genuinely, and whoever looks up to you would find the true choices you make, not the “what will everyone say” kind of choice that would result to “I should have listened to my instinct”

What it takes to achieve your career dreams: You need to realize that no one is sure if they’ve got a hundred years to live or a year; even the medically healthy! Therefore, don’t live your life experimenting what “might or might not” work, maybe because a friend thinks it’s awesome, or because your parents want you in that field.

There’s a lady that works on television in our national TV channel, MTN, and last month during a show they call “conversation” they were discussing on career issues, and her colleagues were surprised to hear she is a medical degree holder. According to her, her parents had made her study medicine even though she had not the least of desires in the medical field, she listened to them and studied medicine, made good grades and then put them aside. She said, “It is all in the papers.” speaking of the grades. Now she’s on the TV, happily doing what she loves, and she’s always vibrant whenever she’s presenting a show.

Time should be a considerable factor when contemplating on what it takes to build a career. There are life careers that could be fully accomplished at the age of 20, for example in gymnastics, there are ones very well accomplished by 40 or less, football is an example. The point I’m trying to make here is that if you go by ignoring your talent and passion, “trying” out what might not be, just to please someone who is supposed to have their own life, time might just as well be running out of your side that you cannot to able to return to where you’re supposed to be after you must have finished your experiments on other careers. It might not work for you like it did for that lady. Again, there is the end of life, which is another reason why you should use everyday grace to take a step further into the true dreams of your life.

What it takes to raise children and build a peaceful family: First and foremost, get married to someone you at least understand, if not love. To someone who as well understands you. Understanding is a very important factor in building every kind of relationships. I think it’s sometimes underestimated, due to more concentration on preaching the more effective part which is love. Well, love itself consists of understanding and many other beautiful and painful and difficult things, but what I’m trying to say is, for any reason you don’t get to marry out of love, love probably can still be developed, but before you even think of marrying someone you hope to get to love in the further, you should consider how much understanding you both have of each other. Building a family and raising kids is done by a community of hands joined together; the extended family, neighbors, school, the larger society, but most closely and most importantly, the hands of a father and a mother. So imagine being with a partner with totally different prospectives in almost everything about life, with neither of you understanding or trying to see from each other’s side, you’d argue about most things, even when it comes to raising your kids, oh especially then. You’d teach your children this, and your partner thinks the exact opposite is the right one, by this time, not only the marriage is a damage, but the children’s understanding and adaption of life is as well affected negatively.

Attentiveness is another factor important when raising kids, every child desires and deserves a listening ear. Pay attention, so you can get to understand all your children and what works with each, don’t make anyone feel left out, it can destroy a little child.

What it takes to live: In your relationship with yourself, try to understand yourself, learn to live, do not just exist. In the process of living, know when you should heed to people’s advice, and when to dare to follow your own heart, you should also know when to put your head down in an open breeze and take some rest. Refresh up.

You too can help me, talk to someone through comment section about what it takes to live when God has given his grace.

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