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Oh how much music does for our soul. How often do you love to listen to music? A day doesn’t go by without one steady on my mind, and until I listen to it, it’d feel like there’s this important thing that I’m leaving out. Music is the best therapy for a stressed body, a weak mind, a broken heart, and even a lost soul. The sounds and lyrics go hand in hand to cook your daily meal. All kinds of music is important and can be useful in a particular situation.

I personally, listen to every kind of music I know about; I listen to blues, country music, our traditional songs, naija music, reggae, classic sounds, christian music, and anything else I might not think of right now. It all depends on my mood at each moment to listen to which. Just like I’ve once mentioned about books, when you listen to music, listen to the sounds, the lyrics, you might just learn something huge, you could be strongly inspired.
Music I say, is life.

Maybe this topic would have gone down well on a Friday, right?! But it’s coming on a Monday morning instead, music is a therapist you should visit everyday. Let it set your mind free!

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