Malice by Danielle Steel is a novel capable of touching one’s life for good and making you see certain things differently, before you could conclude and make judgements on anything that didn’t happen in your very presence, you would think of malice. more excitedly, it’s a book you’d would wish doesn’t have an end! quite interesting from the beginning right to the end. It’s a story about a little girl; Grace, through her growing up, her life struggles, survival, and more.

One big lesson MALICE forever impacted in my life is never to be quick in judging people.
Seriously it’s stupid how people help spread news of something they never knew how it had happened in details as if they were just right there when it all happened. Please if you read a story on the internet, whatever your opinion is, it’s one thing that you believe, but it’s another thing that you spread it to other people probably even stir it more. Even stories you hear in real life, if you weren’t there when it happened, stop narrating it as if you’re talking about your own life experience.

It’s been 3 years since I read Malice, but I recommend it for an interesting reading, if maybe you haven’t read the book yet.

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