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I have watched movies where people were ranked heroes for revenging on behalf of their loved ones, 3 I can remember vividly right now. Of course in the movies, the avenger always wins in the end; “mission accomplished”, but I’ve not seen a single one where the hero pops champagne after his or her victory, or engage in any form of celebration, instead, they always shrink into themselves with tearful eyes, still feeling the emptiness that has been there from the beginning.
Here are the things revenge does to someone:

It makes itself your only life goal; you don’t want to die until you make every one of them pay. According to the movies though. You start from your early age to learn how to defeat these enemies, not how to defeat your pain, not how to defeat life struggles through all odds and fulfill your own destiny, well perhaps it is your birth destiny to revenge the enemies? So you spend your life planning and replanning nothing else but revenge, maybe people do that because they feel obliged? or maybe because they feel so much hatred and an ” unforgivable” cause, and they’d feel that they need to express how powerful and stronger they are or have become to the people who have hurt them, in order for them to feel whole again? Revenge is a consumer, it’s going to consume your whole being, and fill you up with ego.

So much ego that you wouldn’t want to relent. In the movies, someone might be fighting for the death of his or her parents murdered when he or she was little. Well, to start with the fact that you don’t even know the full story wouldn’t be a bad judgment for me. You were a child, or even if you weren’t just a child, but you weren’t directly involved in your father’s business, or parent’s business, they could be at a huge fault, you never knew. Maybe they don’t deserve to die, maybe they do, but my point is, your whole perspective about the tragedy could be very wrong, and you might find that out when it’s too late, which by the way, is one of the reasons why you never feel fulfilled in the end.

Another reason being that while people fight for departed souls, they risk the lives of the living. Again, judging from the movies, forgive me, but according to the movies, these avengers end up losing more of their loved ones while revenging for maybe one person who had died ages ago, so that in the end they remain completely alone, all by themselves.

Dear reader, in real life, no evil goes unpunished, but even if they don’t get what they deserve? It is worse for you to loss your own self to the grudges and detest of horrible people. The best revenge is the one which sets your mind free, makes you see beyond your pain, the one that reviews the life you could have only if you could move on; you can still fulfill all life proposes, all you must have dreamt of becoming as a child, the kind that makes you see the importance of the people you love in your life that are still living, you don’t want to loss them.
The best revenge is forgiveness, do not do it for the enemies, do it for yourself instead. Set yourself free.

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