More On Human Empowerment

Why do people always have a lot of hints on how women can please men?
Personally, I find it annoying. “If you want to find the right man you have to be this or that…” “If you’re ‘lucky’ enough to find a man who loves you, you should do this…” “Don’t do that, men don’t like a woman who’s this or does that…” The list is endless!
Why do I have to live my life with so much consciousness of what would or wouldn’t attract a man? Why can’t I just be me and behavior in my real manner and wait for the man that accepts that? Why do I have to live just so I could be loved?

Meanwhile, that same person with these advice will still be the one to advise you to “Overlook certain things your man do, if you want ‘your’ relationship to stay”
So it’s supposed that men have the right to choose their lives and women are supposed to adjust to whatever it is, but then again, a woman should give herself up so as to be accepted by a man. Why would anyone suppose that loyalty, respect, tolerance, and faithfulness have got to be one sided in a relationship? This logic is undoubtedly hypocritical.
All men don’t have same taste in women, and so let a woman choose her life and the man that wants such a woman would go for her. Vice versa.
It’s more sickening when it concerns a woman’s career or intelligence. I’ve had someone told me, “Medicine isn’t a female career, because most men don’t like to marry a nurse or a doctor.”
A boyfriend had once said to me, “You don’t have to be right always, sometimes, even if I’m wrong, just pretend like I’m right.” I asked him why I would need to do that and he said, “It will be nice.”
So now, I’m expected to give up a nice opinion in order for me to be “nice”! But how about he give up his unfit opinions and give ear to the sensible ones, so that he could be accepted by me? No. Why not? Because he’s a man. Such ironies!!

I know I must have been sounding “angry” as most people like to term it when a woman speaks up, but well, I am because these things don’t seem to have any end at all, but I want to address it still.
Let us start individually, instead of advising a girl to be conscious of every little or big thing she does so she could be the right woman for ‘men’, you should be rather conscious of the fact that a person isn’t born only or for the most importance to be “a good wife material” or even a husband material for that matter. Not everyone wants to meet up with someone and become a husband or a wife, some people actually have dreams that go way beyond “how would my partner see it?” they just want to “live” and fulfill their purposes.
Be conscious of the contents of your advice.

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