“Music is life. Football is the breathe. Reading makes it enjoyable.
Writing is living.” Chinelo Anikpe.

Today, I want to share with you the things that actually make me feel alive and fulfilling:

Like I’ve written in a previous post, I love listening to music; more like listening to the soul of music. I feel passionate with the sounds of it, inspired by the lyrics, in love with some of the artists. When my mind is heavily occupied, usually there’s not much I do to free my worries, but sometimes, music is there to help set my soul free.

I fell in love with football about 3 years ago, as of then, I knew almost nothing about the game, but on one of the adverts on Gotv there was this goal celebration by Cristiano Ronaldo that to me, tended to be so emotionally beautiful. Actually, it was the player I had fallen in love with. However, few months later when I started living alone, and I had the chance to watch football in my neighborhood, I was more interested in Cristiano, and wanted to see him play. I asked which football club he played for and was told Real Madrid, ever since then, I became a Real Madrid fan. I got to find other interests in Madrid, and in football generally. Sometimes, the outcome of Real Madrid’s match could decide my mood, but I’m always, always passionate about my football club, even after Cristiano had joined Juventus.

When I read, whether I’m reading the hardcopy of a novel, or the soft copy on “”, or I’m reading news on social media, I usually feel entangled, almost always lost into good reads. Years back when I lived with my uncle and his family, his wife actually banned me from reading her many interesting novels, because I could forget and let our food burn once I put my mind on one. I let myself be inspired by good books too.

Writing for me means that I’m alive. I’ve been feeling lost since morning, and each time I tried to point the reason out, I found it’s because I haven’t blogged in days, I haven’t written something. Like every good writer knows, it takes more than paper and pen, or laptop screen and keyboard to make a good write up, it apparently involves some amount of reasoning and concentration. Sometimes it’s hard for me to put all those things together in order to make a good attempt towards a sensible writing, but when I do, I know I am alive.

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