Two days ago, I was in a bus with about 21 other passengers including the driver. On the seat before mine, there was this huge man with his school son, he made his son sit down and made up for the fourth passenger on the seat row, as supposed, but he refused to pay for him. He said that his son was just a child and so should be considered.

Meanwhile, there were about 2 other kids in the bus and their sponsors had each paid for their children. The driver sounded it clearly to the huge man that each seat row was meant to be occupied by four persons, the huge man said he should wait for the fourth passenger, that he’d lap his son. Being that he was huge, another grown up joining their seat would make all five of them very uncomfortable, initially, they were as comfortable as the rest of us because his son’s little body had made for the full row. Now, after yet another passenger had joined, the most affected person on the row was a man who was also boarding with his son, this man had paid for two persons and made sure his son was comfortably seated on the same row as me. But then he struggled himself seating with the huge man, meanwhile, the huge man was well balanced!
This man sat with his body twisted close to the bus door for about 30 minutes until some passengers reached their destination, without uttering a single complaint, and then he joined my seat row. Immediately a new passenger took same position he had patiently sat, the new guy complained, and was quick to find it was the huge man’s fault, he couldn’t sit there. A pregnant woman boarded the bus, and couldn’t manage that position, everyone else complained except this man who didn’t try to use his own son as a liability to others.

That incident made me think, I asked myself, what is patience? Is it keeping quite when you’re supposed to talk? Waiting for so long before making a move you should have made earlier? Tolerating stuffs that could be completely avoided?
Patience is a positive characteristic but should it be expressed overly?

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