It is my birthday today!
I’m one person that is always, always aware that one’s life has an end, most times, an unplanned end. I’ve witnessed the death of old and young, wealthy and poor, healthy and sick, educated and illiterate, people of all colors and different religion, that keeps me radically aware of the fact that there’s no excuse or warranty that I’ve got all the time I need. I therefore tend to utilize my every single breathe into filling up the many gaps between me and my goal achievements.

I am also that person that feels overwhelmed by every single moment I realize I’m still breathing, especially in good health. I thank God every single second of my life, not only for mine, but for that of the living, especially my loved ones. But today, on my special day, I tend to use it as a testimony; God has being faithful to me. I’m finally 22 years old!! Happy birthday to me!!!

Birthday girl๐Ÿ’ƒ

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