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I’ve watched about 3 vivid movies about a perfect life that went completely wrong at a point. When it does, people don’t only break down because of whatever has happened, they try to understand when and where and how it had gone wrong. “I don’t understand how it all went so wrong, I had such a perfect life; a perfect family, perfect job!” They have a hard time believing or accepting their fate, that it would take a lot of love and patience and therapy from people around them for them to give life another try.

This has made me question the rate and value of perfection, yes, it is an overwhelming point everyone strives to get to in every stage and in everything they do in life, but is life itself perfect? People find it difficult accepting their fates because they never even thought for any fleeting moment that something might possibly go wrong at anytime. They had planned a completely perfect life and they had worked so hard; denying themselves a lot of things including the acknowledgment that things could actually turn around in the wrong way, through strong faith and hard work they eventually got a perfect life. This becomes a testimony for them that it is possible for one to have and live a perfect life, that not only do they continue thinking and practicing perfection, they also try to convince others of how perfect their lives could be. They neglect the idea of anything bad happening, and so when something bad eventually happens, it affects them beyond reasonable measure, considering what exactly had happened, because it would come as a complete chao, too “sudden” and heavy to digest.

I am trying to let people know that life on its own is imperfect; look! Sometimes it rains in dry season when rain is least expected, it storms, earthquake happens. If nature itself can at some point between the shiny sun during the day, and brightness of the moon at night, and the twinkle of the stars, between the beautiful and soothing rains and sunshine in summer, go terribly wrong with bad stuffs like storms and earthquakes, then human beings with few friends and lots of enemies ought to always have it at the back of their minds that there’s this possibility of something going wrong at an unexpected time, in an unexpected way.
I am not saying you should live in fear, or that you shouldn’t do the things you’re supposed to do because after all life isn’t perfect, no, I am saying that you should plan perfect things, work towards it’s perfection, have a vision of how perfect it turns out to be, but you should also accept before hand that should in case it doesn’t turn out the way you plan, that you’d find a better way out. It will help you not to get lost and waste more time than necessary to get back on your feet when something bad happens in your life.

Perfection is overrated.
I could remember many times in my childhood when I’d arranged things according to their order of perfectness, take for one instance, one day I had a number of oranges, I examined them all and put out the “perfect” one aside for my last take, so that even if I had a bitter one among the others, that fine perfect one would cleanse and restore sweet taste. Now, after I had had all the other oranges which had turned out to be sweet by the way, my preserved perfect one, however, turned out to be the bad one, and I had wished I hadn’t taking it lastly.

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In art, I know for one the art of writing, sometimes, I start up something quite interesting, and the writing flows with ease and promising a good read, but maybe before the last lines I’d find something wrong, and maybe unable to figure out what exactly. What I do is reread my work and do some editing job on it, eventually I end up sending it out to people who might just think “wow”. Sometimes I might just leave it in my draft for a longer time to cool off the steam with which I had made the writing, to find if I’d fix the problem later.

I don’t go about feeling helpless or disappointed because my work don’t turn out perfect, because maybe I had somehow known about the possibility of its imperfection, maybe unconsciously, but I know.

In a better life, strive for steady progression. In a perfect life, prepare for imperfections.

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