Writer/Readers Relationship

I would imagine that every writer’s joy completes not after he or she has sent out a written work to his or her readers, but when they receive feedbacks from them. This is when they know they’ve actually got some readers, that is when they know what others think about their work; if out of 20 people from around the world, I’m the only one that thinks in one particular direction about a particular situation, maybe based on a perspective, then maybe I need to look at it from another perspective, that is how I would adjust and develop. I know one doesn’t have to write just what their readers want to hear, sometimes the best touch into your reader’s heart is by telling the bitter truth, but at least it is important to me that I get to know that I’m not wrong myself. You don’t have to tell me that I’m wrong, or always say, “you’re absolutely right” instead, you could share your opinion on any post I publish in the comment section.

I’m only 22 and I believe I already know a lot, enough that built my confidence and encouraged me to start up a site about our life struggles, imagine how much more you just might add to me as an older person. I may not have to accept or live or write according to every single reader’s opinion, but I acknowledge the fact that every single reader has an opinion and I’m willing to listen and consider or reconsider.
I need communications here, please.

7 Replies to “Writer/Readers Relationship”

  1. Not everybody that writes today is open to criticism, so I applaud you for being the way you are. I also like to be told I’m wrong when I’m wrong. You know, there was a time when this rarely happened. My social media followers were like asslickers. Whatever I said was right, in their eyes, was right. I think the majority of readers who tells us, “You’re absolutely right!” when we’re actually wrong only do that because they don’t want to hurt our feelings. Either that or they’re scared we’d insult them or call them out. Or maybe it’s just that they’re worried that we’d stop being friends with them.
    Whichever reason it is, I still prefer honest comments. It pays when the relationship you’ve got with your readers is an honest one.

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