A Stranger

I really don’t know exactly when or how, but somewhere, somehow, in my childhood, I learnt that strangers are dangerous, so therefore, terrifying. Stranger has always been one of my watch out words. Aside from the essential reason; you don’t know this person, so you should be careful. I just totally don’t like the idea of allowing strangers into my life or my house. Ironically, I do this all the time with the “friends” I meet on social media. Although this time I must have believed them to be my friends, but the irony is how close I let these people at first meet. (Now, I know it’s unwise revealing this publicly, but my blog is the place where I allow myself almost total openness)

Okay, so three days ago, one of my male lodge friends called me and introduced me to this stranger girl. He said this girl has a problem now and would need a place to stay for a week, and then he asked if I could help her. Of course he couldn’t let her stay with him for the obvious reason; he’s a guy, she’s a girl.

Firstly, I was shocked at this request. My friends know I live alone not because I’m rich, but because I can’t handle a roommate. I’m always mindful of everything; I don’t want troubles with anyone and one of the best ways to avoid troubles is by avoiding roommates, by not having one, I wouldn’t know who these roommates would be, what if it’s someone I eventually can’t stand and then I have to put up with anyway, living in the same room! I like finding my things the way I keep them, and I don’t suppose a roommate would make that possible. Me and my friends talk all the time, they all know I hated the idea. But he had asked ME.

Secondly, I thought about strangers! I don’t even know her.

It was afterwards, after I had already said, “It’s okay, she can come and stay” that I thought about food and other things. I decided food wouldn’t be a problem, I always survive and just the addition of one person wouldn’t be too obvious, she would just eat whatever I eat. Now, my problem was “stranger”! I prayed to God it’s someone I can tolerate for a whole week. She was going to come and stay from the next day. Throughout that night that I had accepted that request, I had worried a lot.

But then, I imagined finding myself in some strange places and needing a shelter, I imagined someone I’d be their stranger taking me in and giving me some blankets to cover myself from cold, and offering me whatever they have to eat, I imagined them saying, “It’s okay, she can stay with us for as long as she needs.” Then I decided that girl can stay with me for as long as she needs, I’m not going to tell her that, but if a week comes and go and she still needs shelter? I’m giving it to her.

Now we’re together. I made sure not to intrude into her life trying to find out what those problems are, because that night my friend was asking the favor on her behalf she was just busy sobbing. I wouldn’t want to start asking questions and make her cry, after all, if I get to know all the problems, I wouldn’t be of any help anyway.

When I told my best friend about her, she said, “Lol, girlfriend even if you prefer being alone, tolerating her for a week will not be a big problem. If she is good, you will enjoy her company, and if she is not, you just mind your things for the one week.” Then I thought, “Ouch, why did I even bothered telling you, I forgot your family easily host strangers and take care of them.” Yes, they do.

She seems to be a nice girl; we didn’t talk to each other the first day, except for me asking, “Are you hungry now? Do you want to bath? Why are you sleeping on the floor?” and her asking my permission for everything, for example, “Can I use your toilet?”
She forces me out of bed by trying to get to all the house chores as soon as she wake up, leaving me no choice than to get up and join her. Yesterday, we bumped into a conversation and we both were laughing so hard, and I decided, “I like her.” I don’t know who she is, I may not care enough to know, but I like her.

Now, this is not about a favor I’m somehow waiting for it’s return in the future. It is about “Do unto others as you will like them to do unto you.” It is important that I also add “Be careful with people, especially strangers.”

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