Dear Reader

Dear reader,
I appreciate having you here, because without you, there literally will be no me. Yes, I still could write and publish a post, but what’s the use if you’re not here to read it? Wouldn’t it be as good as keeping a diary? Oh, a diary would even be more meaningful because I wouldn’t have planned for it to be read anyway.

I am here because I know you’d be here too. Your sharing in my sense of reasoning gives me utmost feeling of fulfillment. Like I always say, “When I write, I feel 95% accomplished.” That is because I’d be happy because I have something to give you.
And today, I want you to know you’re the one that completes the figure; when you read my work, I am fully accomplished.

I had been sick for days, so I couldn’t publish a post in that long time. It’s true I was sick and weary, but you were on my mind; “How much have I missed? Did my readers long for new posts? Hope I could catch up?” You were consistently on my mind!
Now I’m feeling better, and I hope you’re still here. If you are, thank you for being here. I promise to work better in improving myself and my articles to be even more useful in your everyday living.

Chinelo Anikpe.

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