This One is For The Fighters

There are people fighting everyday for the betterment of our society; they live for us.
This one is for people like that.

Sometimes you may look at the stands of things and feel discouraged, “Oh! I can never change anything no matter how much I try.” Because you wanted to change the world, you’re looking at it as a whole, and there are still killings, discriminations, robbery, bad governances, hungry people, ignorance everywhere, you read them from papers and listen to them on the radio, watch them on the TV from around the world, and it seems never ending. Yes, these things might never end, just as good things will never end, but what I want you to look at today is how much progress you’ve made since the first time you started fighting, how much as changed? No matter how small it might seem, it matters a great deal, especially if it is something you have been able to change by your personal fight; maybe as a lawyer, a leader, a soldier, a doctor, a writer, or a preacher, in whichever way you might have done it, it counts, let it count.

I know there had been a time when slavery was the order of the day, people were been exchanged hand in hand, just as I’d exchange my book for some money, difference is my buyers possibly could cherish the book and keep it in their houses and protect it from dust and keep it safe, but the ones who had purchased human beings had done exactly all the opposites.

A time came and there’s nothing like human trafficking anymore. But these Negros were still outcasts in the land they lived in. People still put themselves out and fought, and things changed. Today, people of different colors live among themselves around the world; boarding the same buses, going to the same schools, working together in offices, ruling their countries together, and even getting married and raising families together.

Today, there are still hundreds and hundreds of injustices against Negros in most places around the world, and there are people who are still fighting to change things.

You want to make a difference, and you’re doing a great job already, no matter how insignificant it might seem due to how large the problem is, I want to remind you that you’re making progress looking at how bad it must have been.

Do not relent. Progress is the keyword.

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