My uncle sees anyone on the phone as less busy, and somewhat irresponsible!
I visited his family about two weeks ago, and as usual, he wouldn’t want to see me pressing a phone, he supposed I should rather be “busy”.
I had used a fleeting moment to say, “Actually, I’m trying to work here” waving my phone in demonstration.
A day before that he had said, “So you’re here just pressing phone.” But I knew even if I spent an entire day explaining to him, he’d never understand because he wouldn’t even listen.

That morning, I woke early and practically attended to all the house chores, usually seen through by about 6 persons in the house, excluding the elders. I was half done before others even started waking up, but I continued and finished up, alone. Yet, when I was finally done and I picked up my phone, he walked along the parlor passage and noticed me and he said, “Chinelo, keep your phone down, if you don’t know what to do, then rest, but put the phone down.”

How would he understand that I’d be damned without my phone in my hand for at least half the time of each day? That every single work I do now requires I keep up with the screen light? And I probably wouldn’t mount to anything if I don’t hold my phone close to my face to read? When he only judges from the perspective that whoever holds a phone looking at the screen and pressing it is chatting some strange people?

Sometimes, you need to listen, understand, see, and reconsider from a different perspective, to be able to make a proper judgment.

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