I Will Always Be Here

Lately I’ve read enough posts coming from bloggers that have been blogging for a long time, sometimes they come as inspirations, sometimes they come as challenges. The inspirational types give me a beautiful insight into the future, a hope that I too could celebrate my blog site’s anniversary in years to come, and I have confidence I’d be doing it in better successes. The challenging types of post or maybe the ones I read and interpret as challenges, motive me to write, but in a scary kind of way, in a sense that if I don’t, for even a moment, I’d be written off, I just might as well not be writing at all.

Sometimes, it’s confusing between writing a good post and just trying to post.
Sometimes, the sounding warning is about the readers, and under WordPress, I suppose most of these readers are writers, who I suppose understand what it takes to publish a sensible post. Of course I write for my readers and I’m sure concerned about them, if they are not here, what’s the essence? and of course, I want to give them the best I can, and sure I’m bound to develop and improve, but if I have to worry more about all that, I might have no time to worry about a helpful post. If I am living my life worrying that I have no post, a post idea might come my way and pass without my recognition.

The truth is, I want to be consistent, I want to write meaningful posts that could change lives, I want to as well do whatever is the right thing with my blog and my life generally. But I don’t find these inspirations to write about everyday, and I don’t want to live my life worrying about that, I want it to be the way it has always been; they come on their own, when I might just be walking along the road, or talking with someone, or listening to music or watching movies, like revelations, I believe, and then I’d write a post out of it.

I have always understood the importance of communication, and so I decided to write this post to appeal to my readers to please not feel disappointed when I don’t have a post, but to understand that I’d never stop writing, it might take a day or two, but I’d be here eventually.
Thank you for being here.

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