The Realities of Life

This essentially is supposed to make for a long post, but I’m gonna make it as short as it can go.

My message is straight; disappointment and failure are not supposed to be surprising or depressing, they are things that everyone should have at the back of their mind at the end of every plan or hustle . No matter how perfect your plans are, or how hard you work, it is only real to accept that there is a chance it wouldn’t work out positively. If you understand this before hand, you’d be prepared for a better plan with a new courage and faith. But if you don’t accept it, and keep quoting chapters of your Bible that said whatever you lay your hands upon shall prosper, you are likely to feel like giving up when you fail.

Same goes with death, you should have known from your living days that people die, young, old, sick, healthy, poor, rich, illiterate, educated. So you pray for yourself and for your loved ones, but understanding and accepting the reality of losing someone or dying yourself, and if eventually you find yourself in such situation, the pains become real, but you’d be able to put yourself together and recover because you’ve known before hand that these things are real.

You might think I don’t understand anything because maybe I haven’t failed or lost someone, but I have just about every reason or excuse I’ve heard from people who say they’re depressed to the point of feeling like ending their lives. I’ve lost loved ones, my mom most importantly, I’m an only child, I work to support myself, my close friends from same class in school are all about graduating from the University, I had the intention of furthering my education at a point, but I’m working instead.

I can keep on with the counting, but it doesn’t matter, you may have heavier problems, but I’m telling you, your mentality about life would play a vital role in how you handle your situations. I’ve never cried over anything or depress myself or slow down because of death or failure, not because I don’t have feelings, but because I know and accept the realities of life. You can do the same.

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