“Black and Blue” Sia

I was just listening to Sia’s song “Black and blue” and suddenly the deepness of the lyrics came floating, this is a song I’ve listened to many times before, but now, trying to catch a line from Sia’s songs, I realized how deep this particular one is.
“I’ll let go, walking into the unknown,
If I surrender, if I lay my arms down,
Am I a fighter? Am I a fighter?
Cause I’ve been fighting so long baby.”
While trying to pick up a line, I found myself lost into the deep meaning of those words. If a fighter surrenders after some time of fighting, is he still considered a fighter? Especially if he couldn’t fight till the end; which would mean he isn’t the hero, would his people who had cheered his name at some points still consider him a fighter?

Recently, this was exactly what I contemplated about in my mind when Barcelona lost their run on this season’s champions league and the fans went gaga on condemning Leo Messi, whilst just a week before, he was their adored king. I thought, “Wow. All these people adoring Jesus could still crucify him a second time if they find him a reason to if he happens to come again.” Brave people fight being fully aware of failures, but they choose to try.Which is something a coward wouldn’t even dare, “try”.

“And I am a wounded warrior,
And that the enemy is closing in
I am a wounded warrior,
Looking for someone to let me in.”
A wounded warrior must have be out on the war front; he is someone who had not been afraid to fight, he had conquered fear, and probably a lot more than that. But now something has happened to him, something that shouldn’t take anyone unaware, something he had risked himself to face as a fighter, and now this warrior needs help.

“Black and blue, I’m begging you
Take me in, I’m surrendering
Black and blue, but if I’m with you
If I’m with you, I’ll live to fight on through.”
I was for long a wrestling fan before I became fully taken by the beautiful game of football. Although even in football, players find motivation in the cheers of their fans while on the pitch, but this significance is more significant in the wrestling world; when a wrestler is being beaten to the ground by an opponent but he has supportive fans, they’d cheer him up back to his fit and feeds him with the courage to continue fighting. I thought about this when I sang those lines from black and blue, the fighter may have been wounded, may be tired, but with you, yes you, he’d find the courage to fight on through, because a true fighter never stops fighting while he’s still breathing. But remember, the voice of his people matters, it is the cheers from their voices that he draws strength, and find reasons to continue.

If you’re a fighter, no matter what you’re fighting for, or for how long you’ve been fighting, or how many times or how badly you’ve been wounded, I raise my voice from the power of written words, to urge you never to stop fighting, don’t give up.

On the other hand, if you know anyone who is struggling in any form, please be sure to be supportive in any way you can, even if it is by words, be encouraging. You could make a strong pilar for someone without having to do much.

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