My Promise

On the 17th of this month, my uncle called to tell me my Dad had had an accident, he broke a leg among other minor injuries, according to him. I called my Dad on the phone and his voice was as clear as the day. He was only worried about me; he said to me, “Don’t bother yourself too much, it’s just my left leg bone that broke into two.” Can you believe this man? It’s another evidence and confirmation that with no doubt this man is my father! He is one tough man.

All I needed was a big big hug. And I get the best each time I give one to my Dad.
When I got to the hospital and saw my Dad, it turned out what happened wasn’t “just a broken left leg”, he was hit by a bus while on his motorcycle, the bus was trying to reverse and there was another bus moving straight on the road which my Dad was following behind, so the reversing guy waited for the bus to pass and then hit the road, he didn’t know my Dad was just behind. My Dad was tumbled into the air, and while landing he tried saving his head from hitting the ground. Can you believe that?! In a fleeting moment of accident, my Dad had the guts to fight! To save himself!! And God being merciful, he saved his head from hitting coaled main road, but balanced with both knees instead. So apparently, the left leg bone broke into two, while the right leg dislocated from the knee joint.

I’ve met the driver, I think he’s a good man, he took my Dad the hospital, this actually happened in front of our village general hospital. After first treatments, he was taken to where is legs are being straightened. The man’s wife was around when I got there, among our family members (those that lives in the village).
My Dad said, “He took me to the hospital and paid the bills, and then brought me here. Why would I want to involve the police?” Speaking about the driver whose fault or should I say “mistake” had caused the accident.

My Dad spent that first night half sleeping and half working on his right leg, and ordering me to leave him alone and get some sleep. His exercise on the leg is working, I used to move it for him, but through the night he moved it himself and he can now bend and straight it. I told you, he’s tough! His only lamentation is, “If only your mom was here, she’d be treating me herself.”

I’ve some other tough guys around here, young guys with these huge woods lapped around their leg with huge white bandages, just like my Dad’s, struggling for their lives. Some can already stand and walk around, the guy beside my Dad can move around, but on his butt. These guys joke and make themselves laugh, I think I might laugh a lot here.

My greatest fear from this accident is how it could affect my writing. But like I said on a previous post, I’ll always be here. When I wrote that post, I had challenges, but now I have bigger ones. Poor internet connection being a major one from where I have been since this past week. But my promise remains the same; I’ll give my best despite these challenges.

Dad and I

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