Well Done, But Slowly Done

When I was little, my mom used to say to me, “Chinelo you’re too dull, and it would affect you in the future.”
Later on, I lived with my maternal eldest uncle’s wife and she said often to me in our native language, “I’na meka nwayo.” (“You’re always slow.”)
After living three years with them and finishing my junior secondary school, I decided to change my school, and I had to live with my Dad. During my years with him, he had said countlessly to me, “You’re too sluggish.”
After my studies there, I went to the city to find a job. I lived with my mom’s youngest brother and his family. His wife always had a problem with my sluggishness, but my uncle himself had this Igbo word to define it, but I can’t remember what he called it, just know it’s similar to what the others said.

Now, that’s too many separate occasions with different people, finding and saying the same thing about me, obviously it’s no lie, it’s no secret, I’m not ignorant of the fact that I do things slowly.

But each and every one of those above mentioned people had also said in the past and still (except for my mom who’s late) that I handle everything with gentleness and do things well. Well but slowly, of course.

Now, that’s something about me I thought to share with you today.

PS: I’m still in the hospital with my Dad though.

Young me

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