How it is, or How it should be?


Life is hard. Life is harder when you’re a corper. Life is hardest when you’re judge over a matter.

I got into JSS 1 and met 2girls sweeping. I waited till they were done then I demanded why only the girls swept and the boys did nothing.

The boys protested that they always clean the board. That it’s the duty of the girls to sweep.

I said what?? I clean the board myself when I enter your class.

I turned to the girls in the class and asked if they wanted the boys to also sweep. They screamed “yesssssss”. The boys also revolting, screamed “noooooo”.

So I picked a representative of the boys and a representative of the girls. The boy rep should tell us why boys wouldn’t sweep and the girl rep should say why boys should sweep.

Whoever wins the debate would determine my decision.

The girl started – “sir, the boys are not doing anything oo, they wee just be sitting down”

Then the boy came forward with all authority, marching around the class, raising a stick, pointing it at his opponents(the females). He said “sir, we are the ones that wee marry this girls here, they should be respecting us, if not hungry wee be catching them”, then he points at another girl again asking, “am I lying?”

Just see the girl rep there looking helpless, speechless😩

I nearly laughed, but the judge dare not laugh😩.

I adjourned the debate till Friday.



Ladies and gents, should the guys sweep too?💁‍♂”

When I first read this post by a Facebook friend, it was only amusing to me.
But then thinking about it afterwards, I decided this isn’t just a laughing matter alone. What we teach our children is what they grow up believing and living with. And there is no way of life, except the way we make it to be, that is why people have different cultures and traditions.

If we begin to teach these children that boys aren’t supposed to sweep, they will grow up with that ideology and become men who don’t attend to house chores. Could you think of what’d happen if we convince these kids that everyone has to contribute in every aspect of living? The boys wouldn’t be so less concerned with house or school chores, and our girls don’t have to be so dependent on the boys for survival. I bet we’d have a better society in the future, where women don’t make relationship choices based on what the partner would offer materially. And men wouldn’t make relationship choices basically on how well a lady cooks. If you love someone enough for numerous other reasons, and you can cook, why throw away everything positive attribute because she cannot cook? Well, men do that only because somehow we’ve convinced them that that’s how it should be.

But is that really true?

4 Replies to “How it is, or How it should be?”

  1. Well, it has been and will always be like that because no matter how much we deny it, we all unconsciously believe that chores like that should be left for the female folks. But I think and strongly believe that irrespective of the conditions and laws that have existed for centuries, irrespective of your gender, if you want a clean environment, you should be responsible for it; if you want to eat, be responsible for cooking. No one has ever been tasked with any peculiar duties from birth.

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    1. I’d have loved to react with the 💖 reaction on this comment.
      You are absolutely right. And even though the act seems unchangeable, I still believe that if we try and teach and raise our children differently, we might succeed with some changes, no matter how insignificant it might seem in the larger society.


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