I was at the market two days ago, and the lady I had gone to the market with from the hospital wanted to buy kerosene by black market. I know about people selling petroleum in bottles, but this guy she bought this kerosene from was an upgraded kind of petroleum black market. He has his plump, and big bowels, and crates and lots of bottles, unlike the usual. I suppose he buys in larger quantity than other black marketers, and so he sells cheaper than the ordinary, almost as good as the filling stations. Enough customers surrounded him, and he was just as distracted as he was focused, trying to attend to people and refilling the bottles at the same time.

As I stood a bit farer behind the buyers, I had watched and admired his hustle and the joy with which he did his job. But what I was thinking had been even more interesting; I thought, “One day this guy would save enough money to build his own filling station. He’d be a boss to lots of employees.” I thought about that for few seconds and then noticed he had settled his customers including my friend, and I said, drawing his attention, “One day you’ll build your own filling station.”

His response didn’t sound like he had had that progressive idea for his business, although he had smiled and said something like, “Abi?” Meaning, “Right?” in a less excited tone. I went on to assure him that it’s possible. He’s very young and has all the time ahead of him to start thinking and planning and executing an even better progressive step into his business life. He is hardworking enough to have started in the way he has, but a little bit more of smartness could lead him further, away from the harsh sun and rainfalls.

I’m trying to say the same thing I had said to the boy to you; you are doing good, but you can do even better.
I believe in you. Do you believe in yourself?

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