You ever feel lonely?
Don’t be scared of the feeling. I’ve had it many times before. That feeling of loneliness helps us to think, and build ourselves for self wholeness at all times.

You may have someone in your life, but they wouldn’t last forever, there will come a time when things would seem not to be going smoothly between you, and you’d make terrible mistakes, if you don’t know how to stay alone; you might go running after them even when you aren’t supposed to.

And even if they do last forever? And stay by your side always? There might come times when they’d be busy with other things and need you to understand that things gotta be done. If you don’t know how to survive on your own, you’d be having double troubles with not having them around and not been able to stand on your own.

Loneliness might not be such a beautiful feeling, but we need it to prepare ourselves for a time that’s inevitable. A time of loneliness.

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