Don’t Give Up

Sometimes ago, told my cousin something that ended up being an inspiration to me.
I said to her, “You’re doing a great job, even me cannot handle what you’re doing. People notice you, some pray for you, you’re an inspiration to some, while some are jealous of you; waiting for the day you would pack up and give up. So keep striving, don’t disappoint those you inspire. When people celebrate a year or ten years anniversary of their businesses or work, those years include the good and bad days that they went through without giving up. So don’t give up.”

I was only trying to convince her that it isn’t easy for anyone but people have to keep up somehow.
Now those words have made me stick even when I wish to quit, I remember saying them, and I decided I’m not only gonna be the sayer of the words, I’m also gonna be a practical example.

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