A Redo

I just started reading A Redo yesterday and have not really gone far into the sweet book, but while I’m on it this morning, suddenly I thought, “How they each have someone seeming perfectly made for them?” Rye and Brin, the very crazy ones, never letting anyone get bored, when they are on their dramatic ‘wars’. Kade and Raya , just as perfect for each other, Tag and Ash, Dane and Rain, even Wren and Allie who aren’t really together yet but for a daughter they have together by… well mistake of the very first and only day they had met seven years ago, seem to be the most perfect in my eyes!
Then I thought well, how about Bella? She’s single and I’m sure that doesn’t make her less happy? If anything, it leaves her the freedom to crush on and or flirt with whoever she wants.

Then you know what I realized then?
I realized that when you have someone you love, you’d have eyes only for them. In a room or hall filled with suits and ties, shirts and pants, jewels and naked necks and wrist, white and black people, tall and short people, broad shoulders and otherwise, bumpy and slim, you’d only see that one person. Or at least that one person would be what brings the brightest smile to your face.

But then another thought promoted into my head. I thought, only if that one person sees you with the same eyes. Trust me, I’m not a fan of, “Be with someone who loves you, not someone you love.” But as much as I go for the one I love, I know it’s important that that person loves me enough, if not as much. Because as much as you might hate to hear it? If you go into a one sided relationship, you probably might seem alright for couple of occasions or more, but when time passes? you’d begin to notice other people around, and how they seem perfect but you, and with a little be more time? you’d find your eyes and mind sensing other people in the room or hall.

Point is: It’s important you are with someone you love, but just as important that you’re as well the one they’d have eyes for in a room or hall full of people.

PS: Wonder why I kept using “A room or hall”? It’s to say, ” No matter how few or numerous people are around”.

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