So I’m visiting my girlfriend at school, I’ve been here for 3weeks, and this is my fourth Saturday. On my first Saturday morning here, there had come a knock on the door which sounded like it demanded no answer as the same sound went on to other doors. I asked her what it was about and she said, “Hostel clean up.” I was a bit surprised because in my own lodge the general sanitation is done only on the last Saturday of every month, but she explained that theirs is every Saturday. I thought it was amazing, students considering that on their own, cause it’s outside campus buildings.

On my second Saturday here, my girlfriend left early for morning mass, and not being used to the every Saturday clean up, by the time I remembered about it, it was late. So when my girlfriend returned, I told her I couldn’t join the clean up, although nothing had suggested there had been one, like the noises from the last Saturday. She said that if there had been no knock on the door, it meant there had been no clean up.

I don’t ever go out, but whenever I got out of that her room for whatever reason, the staircases and veranda and the spacious compound disgust me. It had been dirty from the week after the first Saturday, but I had hoped that it’d be tidied up on the second, which didn’t happen.
Each time I passed through the passages and staircases, I always had this urge to run back to her room and get a broom and do a little justice to the place. I felt the responsibility, but not the courage to take it because I didn’t really feel like I belonged here, well outside of her room. I just waited till the next Saturday hoping I’d join the sanitation work.

My third Saturday came, and my girlfriend was away again, she had traveled home on that Wednesday, seizing the one week students week they had as an opportunity to get home.
I was up early, waited for the knock while I did the house chores, and when it didn’t come, I took a broom outside and locked her room and started my sweeping. I swept the whole floor passages and then down the staircases to the grand floor and packed up and disposed the waste.
While I was sweeping, being the only person on the sanitation sense, the few persons that had passed by said Good morning, which on a normal day they’d just pass you and head their way.

This picture I saw on Facebook was what promoted this write up.

Dear reader, do what you can to keep your environment clean, it wouldn’t even matter if you’d be the only one doing it, just don’t get yourself worked up while on it, do what you can, thinking about all the advantages of a clean environment.

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