Writing, and reading, is everything. I really don’t want to entirely disagree with what we were taught back in school; that written works are not fully appreciated until they’re acted on stage, but I’ve read lots of books, and watched even more movies, and I’ve come to find from personal experiences that reading beats watching in ways that thrill me:

When one is writing, they always find words to express what they’re trying to say that it could even be exaggerated just for the readers to have a perfect imagination of what the writer wants them to visualize.
For instance, when defining beauty; one of a person or nature, a writer can always put into words the beauty of nature or a human being by not only how it looks but putting in his emotional views into his description, in a way that an audience would not capture just by watching. A writer can use words to create a beautiful or awful person, in a way that movie directors and producers cannot find a perfect person to fit in, and the audience would not be able to capture how much beautiful or ugly the story wanted a character to look, like a writer could do with words. Beauty after all, is said to be in the eyes of the beholder, the way I look at someone on the television might not be how they’re expected to be seen.

While reading, a reader is able to understand characters not only by their action, but by their feelings, thoughts, options, and the choices they make at the end. That is because a writer could put one’s inner most thoughts in writing without fears or shame, just like in our real thoughts. And when a character makes a decision, the reader would understand his reason for that decision, considering the fact that he has been able to read their minds.

Reading gives you more insight into a person’s life and allows you to live their lives in the pages of a written book.

Writing is living. Reading makes life enjoyable.

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  2. I totally agree- writing is the best way for me to express myself and I know a lot of people feel that way about writing and reading gives you an escape and a chance to experience something new.

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