Teach Your Kids Now Than Later

My friend was telling me how the other day a toddler had initiated on taking up the plates they had used to eat to the kitchen, while she had already lay back in bed to press her phone, but then the gesture from her neighbor’s less than two years old had dragged her up, and she took the plates from him and packed them herself.

She told me this after the child had attempted the same thing in my presence. Firstly, he preferred feeding himself, even though it had been a little difficult for him to carry his spoon properly toward his mouth, which I suppose must have made the meal less enjoyable for him, yet each time my friend attempted to feed him, he always took the spoon from her hand.
It wasn’t easy for him feeding himself, but he wouldn’t give up on trying.

I said to her, “What I understand is that Victor eats by himself in their house. Maybe they give him his own food to feed himself and then after he finishes eating, the mother would ask him to take his plate to the kitchen.” She was like, “Eh eeh🤔 right?” And again I said, “What do you suppose? That he just learnt that he should pack his dishes out of no where? He has been taught, and now it has become a part of him.”
That was when she seemed to catch that up.

Teach your child the way through which he should grow, and when he gets old it will at least be hard for him to leave that road. Stop saying they will learn when they grow up. Where are they going to learn from? And from whom? Other people who were probably left untaught for later?
Teach them now and show them how by being an example.

I believe every child would grow up to become an independent individual in the choices they make. But at least take the horse to the river, and drink from it so it could see what it’s supposed to do, then leave it for him to decide whether to drink or not.

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