I’m guessing you might have known about this app before now, so without much words, I’m gonna recommend for every reader out here.

I’ve downloaded and read numerous books already since finding the app months ago.
Currently I’m reading Danielle Steel’s “Sisters”
I’m just a few pages into it and I’m loving it so far.
Previously, I finished reading Penny Reid’s “Love Hacked”

Love Hacked is an interesting book with this beautiful story of a therapist who is very good at her job; sensible, understanding, kindhearted, and lovely. Although she worked with the children, she found that every grown man she met in her life had a sad story, they’re all broken, and from her good nature and as a Doctor, she couldn’t help but try to fix each at a time.
But you wouldn’t believe who she ended up with, and how much they loved each other, even though one was broken and unfixed. You might want to find out though, because between the therapy sections and love stories in this book, there are actually a lot more thatLp come in between that is worthy of knowledge.

You have your full options and selections of any book with this app, and you can actually search for a book you already have in mind there. You can actually download a dictionary into your bookshelf. Although I prefer looking up words through Google, because it gives a thorough explanation of any word, but I’m considering having a dictionary in my anybook bookshelf for quick checks and offline usage.
Now the best part is, YOU READ OFFLINE!

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