Other Perspectives

Have you noticed that when watching movies we always side with the person or group of persons that the story is directed on? For instance, if the focus of the story is on a cop member or his group, the movie makes us see their problems, their opinions on how to solve them, their challenges, even their families, their personal issues.

So that when they finally get in the war front, facing bullets, our sympathy goes with them, we want them to come out victorious, because for one, we understand their reasons, secondly we don’t want those in their lives to hurt.

We understand he has a son whom he had told that morning, “I’ll be alright son, I promise, and I’ll take you out for ice cream when I return from work today.”
Now his opponents might have children with bigger issues, maybe a child in a coma, a pregnant wife or more complicated issues, but we don’t know that, do we? All we could see in him is someone who might kill this guy that his son is waiting for at home for an ice cream, and it’s completely relaxing when our ice cream guy finally kills “the bad guy”.

Without regards to those other dead bodies on the scene, in fact it’s a relieve when the enemies are down and lifeless. Like in American Sniper, 13 hours the secret soldiers of Benghazi.

The point is we’d feel the same way if the reverse was the case. If the story is focused on the drug dealer or say, “the bad guys” and we understand their conditions, their problems, their challenges, their family issues, we’d hold our breath when the shooting starts and pray they don’t get hurt. Like in Loving Pablo and the likes.

And the prove of what I’m saying is that in the end those that the stories are focused on always, always survive. And in rare cases when they don’t? We think that the movie sucks.

So the other day when I was watching Ender’s Game, I read the quote at the beginning of the movie, “When I understand my enemy well enough to defeat him, then in that moment, I also love him” a quote according to the movie is by A. E. Wiggin.

I made this https://chineloanikpe.blog/2019/04/11/revenge/ post some time ago, and I made a point of how important it is for us never to be quick or even slow in judging people, especially when it has to do with something we didn’t witness first hand.
And when you’re ready to persecute someone, especially when your judgement is not based on the law, I mean like in personal issues that hadn’t involved a lawyer or judge, maybe you could try looking at the issues from your enemy’s side and see if you’d have a better or different perspective. https://chineloanikpe.blog/2019/05/08/perspective/

In Ender’s Game, Ender has already destroyed the whole planet of the ones he “thought” were the enemies before he understood they might not have been what he had thought of them, but then, it’s too late for him to reverse and find out.

In this other movie Revenge, Amanda had already killed many people whom she “thought” were involved in her father’s death in the prison and she has lost a lot herself, before she found out that her father wasn’t even dead to begin with, and in fact, was a friend to one of those she had marked as the enemies. It had taken years before she got there, yet she didn’t find that out on time, despite her lessons and maps and photos and calculations. That is why I said, “… or even slow in your judgment”

You can never be so sure.

4 Replies to “Other Perspectives”

  1. Beautifully written… It may be that Chinelo Anikpe will write better posts than this in the future, but I do not see how, She must have stepped out of her own shoe and stepped into another’s, to be able to see this clearly


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