One Day At A Time

Most times, people tend to have a perfect plan, and a perfect hope stick to it.
“I’ll travel abroad a year from now.”
“I’ll be married by next year.”
“I’ll give birth to a perfect child.”
I’ll do this, I’ll do that.

It is good to have a perfect plan and to have faith. The problem lies with people who are not ready to accept anything less than they expected.

What happens when tomorrow comes with a different circumstances unfitting for your plans? Would you be brave enough to balance the situation by making decisions that will keep you going, or would you be depressed for life and give up on every other chances?

I think that we can never be so sure about the future no matter how perfect our plans.

So my advice today is that you make the right plans, and you accept the fact that tomorrow might come with a different one and that if you handle your situations well all will still be great, might not be perfect, but at least you didn’t give up.

The best step towards surviving through life struggles is taking each day one at a time.

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