I’ve tried to figure out what exactly inspired me into writing, and when exactly I actually started writing. Truth is, I’ve not been able to figure out those. When I think about it, my writing motivations and my writing itself just keep leading down all the way to my childhood days, when I would write on the walls of our residence and pretend to be a teacher, at each time imitating any one of my primary school teachers. or the numerous times I had written letters to my daddy, not in essence of writing a letter, but because it was an easier means of communication between us.

A lot of things must have motivated me then to had made me consistently written on the walls with charcoal despite the fury of our landlady then. But then, I had only written as a teacher, teaching my imaginary pupils, not as a writer. I had been, would I say a good reader?
What actually I can’t seem to figure out was when exactly I began seeing myself as a writer, or thought about being or becoming a writer. What I can say is that I’ve always found inspiration in almost everything in my life, when my mommy would be discussing with her patients or her siblings, I would listen quietly as if I wasn’t, but I actually not only listened, but understood everything I heard, when I played and chatted with other children, when I read those little novels, while teachers were teaching in the class; especially when they spoke outside the pages of a book, to say give out words of their own. growing up, I found inspirations in the movies I watch; cartoons, bollywood, hollywood, nollywood, wrestling, football, I found inspirations mostly while listening to music, I found inspirations in most if not all the novels I’ve read, I found inspirations listening over people’s conversations; probably unconsciously, I found inspirations watching my environments and observing, the social media of course is a joint point to view the world from, so yes most definitely, I found my inspirations on the social media platforms.
And between all these source and period of learning, I’ve always written something out from them, maybe not always as at all times, but yes most times.
But let me just decide that started officially was when I created my official page on Facebook chineloanikpeofficial on the 1st of October 2018, although before then I had started writing my autobiography two years earlier on December of 2016, then in January 2019, while my autobiography was yet to be completed, I started writing “Black is Beautiful”, my wish was to gift the completion of the book to myself on my 22nd birthday. I didn’t want to rush my autobiography, I wanted to take all the time it needed, but before my 22nd birthday and before “Black is Beautiful” was completed, I created my blog site with WordPress.com on the 7th of March 2019. I also have the intention of finding a newspaper I could write articles for and get paid as a freelancer.